Moultezim – Variations of Backgammon

In this backgammon variant of Turkish origin, both players start by moving their men in the same way. Unlike conventional backgammon, the objective is not to send the opponent’s men home but to create a prime to block their moves. After that, the focus shifts to running and bearing off.


At the start of the game, each player rolls one die and the player with the highest roll goes first. The winner then rolls two dice to determine their first move.

Both players must move their first man to their own outer board before moving a second man from the starting point.

The main strategy in the game is to build a prime to block the opponent, but there is a rule that prohibits creating a prime at the opponent’s starting point. At that point, a break in the prime is required.

The goal is to get as many men moving from the starting point as possible, which increases the chance of creating a prime. However, building a prime on the opponent’s home board is not advisable as it can leave you farther from home when the opponent brings their men to the outer board to re-enter the game.

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